How to Repair a Hole in a Metal Roof in San Antonio

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Put the pedal to the metal! Metal roofs can last up to 200 years, even in climates with extreme weather conditions. 

One reason why is that metal roof repair is fairly easy. If a tree branch or a storm creates a hole in your roof, you can repair it yourself. The key is to learn a few essential roof repair tips so you don’t experience further problems. 

What materials should you get to repair your metal roof? How can you install a patch in your roofing materials? What should you do if you have a hole in your seam or several damaged panels?

Answer these questions and you can make metal roof repair a cinch. Here is your quick guide.

Find a Patch

It is essential that you match your roof materials to the patch you will place in the hole in your roof. Your patch may expand and contract in a different way than the rest of your roof, causing your roof repair to fail. 

Talk to the company that installed your roof so you know what exactly you need. You should then measure how big the hole is.

Find a piece of metal that is big enough to cover the entire hole plus a few inches past the perimeter of the damaged area. Your patch should be made of one piece of metal. Combining two or more pieces can result in leaks or the patch falling off your roof. 

Clean the Hole

Cleaning a metal roof can remove debris that can damage the roof even more. You should buy a metal roof cleaner like Simple Green from a store. Make sure it is for your type of roofing materials, as using the wrong cleaner can corrode the metal. 

Clean the surface using your cleaner and a dry rag. You should remove any dirt, pieces of debris, and algae growing on your roof. 

If you notice mildew or mold on your roof, you can remove it with a mixture of bleach and water. Dip a rag into the solution and scrub the area until you don’t notice any mold. Use another rag to remove any moisture, as mold can use water to sustain itself. 

After the area is dry, you should scuff the metal so the sealant bonds better. You can use a wire brush, but make sure it will not scratch your metal or damage the area around the hole.

Install Your Patch

Use a brush to apply the sealant to the area you need to repair. Leave no gaps along the sides of the patch, and feel free to use a little more than you think you need. You want to make sure there is no room for moisture or debris to fall between the patch and the rest of your roof. 

Slowly press your patch into place. You can lower it while standing on your roof and someone underneath you can hold it from the bottom. Make sure the patch doesn’t grind against the sides of the hole. 

Once the patch is in place, you can attach it to the roof with sheet metal screws. Place one screw every three inches around the perimeter of your patch. You can measure these spots in advance and draw pencil marks so you know where to put them.

Use a putty knife to smooth over any areas where your sealant is dripping down. This will create a tighter seal. Once this is done, you need to let the sealant dry without touching the patch for a day. 

If your patch is a different color than the rest of your roof, you can paint it. Find a paint that will be compatible with the sealant and will not mix with it. Use a wire brush and apply the paint gently so you don’t push down on the patch. 

Fill In Your Seams

If you have a hole in the seam between two panels, you should avoid putting a patch over the damaged area. The patch can apply pressure to your seam and damage the two panels. 

You should instead get a glass fabric that you can place over the hole. Try to find fabric with asphalt in it, as this will reinforce the fabric against wear and tear. 

You can buy glass fabrics at roofing or home improvement stores. Cut two pieces that overlap the damaged area by two inches, then lay one piece over the top of the area. Brush a urethane sealant over the piece, then lay the second piece on top. 

Call a Roof Maintenance Company

If the hole in your roof is extremely big, you should call a maintenance company immediately. You should also call one if you cannot go up on your roof and fill in the hole. 

Tell the roofing company what the problem is and what type of roof you have. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible and take steps to prevent the damage from getting worse.

You can lay plywood boards on your ceiling to prevent water from leaking into your house. You should also move items that may get damaged by objects falling through your roof. 

An employee should come and perform an inspection of your roof. If a few panels are damaged, you may want to get a roof replacement instead of fixing the panels. This will give you a stronger roof and prevent problems from recurring. 

Figure Out Metal Roof Repair

Metal roof repair requires a few basic steps. You must know what type of roofing metal you have and you should find an exact replica for your patch. Use sealant around the edges of the hole and move your patch steadily into place. 

If you have a hole in your seam, you should use a membrane instead of a patch. If the majority of your roof is damaged, you should consider a roof replacement instead.

Don’t wait for your roof to crash down. WeatherTech San Antonio Roofing serves San Antonio homeowners. Schedule a free estimate today.

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