San Antonio Roofing Frequently Asked Questions

Roofing isn’t exactly the easiest of subjects to grasp. There’s so many different variables and factors that go into each individual project and situation – it’s nearly impossible to know all of the answers.

To help sort through madness, we’ve created a space to address frequently asked questions we hear from our customers. We hope you find what you need!

How Fast Can You Come Out to Repair My Leak?

Fast. They don’t call us San Antonio’s top roofing company for any reason! Call us, text us, or submit a form – we will do whatever it takes to get out to you as soon as possible.

Do You Provide Free Estimates?

You better believe it, San Antonio.

We’ll drive to your residence, get on your roof, diagnose the problem, and provide a thorough recommendation, including a cost estimate and proposed timeline for fixing the issue.

Can You Change the Materials Used On My Roof?

Absolutely. Whether you’re looking for a different aesthetic and style, or if we identify issues with your current roofing material, we’ll sit down and identify with you a material that works and fits within your budget.

You Do More Than Fix Leaks, Right?

Of course. Maybe you’re preparing to resell your home and need to take care of some lingering issues to improve its value. Maybe “Father Time” has inflicted some serious wear and tear through the years. The possible reasons for needing a roof repair are endless.

The worst thing you can do is to let issues pile up. We’re at your service – call us, text us, or complete our form – let’s get you fixed.


Are you able to work on single ply membrane?

Yes! We’re able to work on all types of single ply membrane.

Who do you partner with for supplies and materials?

We partner with GAF for supplies and roofing products, regarded as America’s #1 roofing manufacturer. We’re proud to be GAF “WeatherStopper” certified as an officially approved customer of their robust product line.

What Types of Roofing Materials Can You Install?

Ask us. We are capable of all types of roofing systems.

Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?

Yes, we are licensed, insured, and bonded. Additionally, we are a HUB certified vendor by the state of Texas.

Do You Provide Sample Roof Materials?

Yes, we’ll provide you with sample roof materials to help in your decision making process for your roof replacement project. We feel it’s extremely important that all customers are able to inspect in detail, touch, and feel all roof material options before making such a big investment.