7 Signs It’s Time for a Commercial Roof Replacement

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Running a business means evaluating the space that that business is in. When you have a building to be responsible for, keeping on top of things such as roof repair and roof replacement is a must. There is no room for error when that building houses all of your goods as well as your consumers and your workers. 

If you’re a business owner that has a commercial building, you may be wondering how you know when a commercial roof replacement is necessary. It’s time to take a moment to go over when you know that you need a new roof; there are significant signs that you should be on the lookout for. 

Keep reading below to find out how to identify these signs so that you can keep on top of roof replacement. 

1. Roof Rot Appears

Roof rot is a specific type of damage that occurs on a commercial roof. Excess moisture that builds up on the roof’s membrane causes a gray fungus to begin appearing in certain spots. This fungus spreads and requires costly repairs even prior to an entirely new roof replacement being a need. 

Keep an eye out for any of these little gray patches that pop up on your commercial roof and require immediate attention. When these patches disburse around your roof, replacement becomes your only option. 

2. Puddles Begin to Pool

Noticing pooling in places is an indication that your roof is no longer doing its job. Inspect your ceiling or the roof itself for any signs of buckling and pooling. This may happen following heavy rains.

This sign of damage is what prompts replacement before any caving or holes can come through and cause damage to the rest of your building as well as products. 

3. Storms See Significant Damage

Your storms don’t seem to be draining as well as they once did. Instead, even with cleaning, the water is pooling on your roof and creating crevices that don’t seem to go away. What this means is that your roof isn’t working the way it should, and instead of dining, the water is pooling in places. 

You may even find that the storms are falling off of your building rather than staying in place. This significant damage needs to be seen by a professional in order to assess if there is anything that can be done. 

4. Holes and Tears Appear

A hole in the roof is probably the best indication that it is time for a roof replacement. Business roofing can be tricky to sort out; however, when you begin to see puddles near your merchandise that turns into a wasted product. There is nothing worse than losing income over something that could have been prevented. 

As soon as leaks begin to appear in your roof and there is visible damage within the store, it is time to seek out the professionals to come and take care of the replacement. This causes income loss and property damage if the leak goes unrepaired for too long. 

5. Blistering Begins to Occur

Blistering is raised pockets you can begin to see taking place on the membrane on your roof. Bubbles form from small leaks that get in between the roof and the membrane that supports the roof. You may see this in ceiling tiles if it begins to get too bad. 

This is an indication that your roof isn’t keeping the water out in the way that it used to. The water is being trapped between the layers and the only way to fix this is for roof repair or roof replacement to become an option. 

6. Too Many Replacement Calls

Over time, damage replacement is necessary. Your roof endures storms and all other conditions. Over time you’re going to need to have contractors come in and work on your property to keep your roof in good shape.

When these calls begin to get more and more frequent, it poses the question of whether it’s time to replace your roof or not. When there have been too many patches done on your roof, your best option is to have that roof replaced and start fresh with something that can take a bit more of the damage posed by the elements. 

7. Your Roof Is Aged

When it comes down to it, there are times when your roof just reaches an age when updating it is in your best interests. While commercial building roofs last for years, there is always advancements in the way these buildings take shape and how roofs are put on. It is beneficial to replace your roof when you feel as though it is time to. 

Replacing your roof will elongate how long your roof lasts and give your building the best protection possible. Those updates in the way roofs are made are significant as times change and science gives us better ideas of materials that work well together and protect our investments. 

Keep On Top of Commercial Roof Replacement

In order to prevent damage from coming to your building or any repair emergencies, commercial roof replacement needs to be on top of your priority list. Take the time to inspect the areas around your roof and look for any damage. You should also be taking the time to have your roof inspected as a preemptive measure to prevent roofing damage. 

Once you’re ready to set up that appointment, we’re here to make things easy. Contact us today to get started taking care of your building and the products and people it houses. 

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