9 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Residential Roofing Company

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Is an annoying drip, drip, drip sound echoing through your home? You might want to schedule roof maintenance or replacement services. About 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more a day.

A leak could cause water damage and mold, leading to other expenses. Instead of leaving it unattended, hire a residential roofing company in San Antonio.

Read on for the nine factors you should consider before hiring roofers today!

1. Experience

There are now over 79,300 roofing contractor businesses across the US. Some have more experience fixing residential roofs than others, though. As you build a list of local roofing contractors, determine their level of experience.

An established business will already have an efficient process in place. They’ll know how to best protect your home and property before making roof repairs. They can also leverage their expertise to find solutions based on the problems you’re facing.

Look for contractors who have worked in the industry for five years or more. These roofing contractors should have a list of successful projects behind them.

You can learn more about each roofing company by checking their Better Business Bureau profile. Look for an “About Us” page on their website.

A roofing company that has operated for a few years has outlasted less reliable competitors. They’ve likely earned the respect of local homeowners in that time. Choosing an experienced roofer will help you feel more confident in their abilities.

2. Quality Materials

Cheap roofing materials won’t stand up to the elements or the test of time. Everything from heavy rain to high humidity can cause your roof to wear down. Nails and low-end roofing shingles won’t protect your home in the long term.

Before scheduling roof replacement or maintenance services, ask each company about the roofing materials they use. Determine if their materials are:

  • Fire resistant
  • UV ray resistant
  • Algae resistant
  • Able to offer high-wind protection

Determine if the roofing contractor partners with any other businesses in San Antonio. Their professional connections could indicate they offer high-quality products. If they don’t have access to the materials you’re looking for, they can use those connections to your benefit. 

You’ll also know that your roofer goes above and beyond to meet a client’s expectations. 

3. Standards

Rushed roof replacement could leave you needing roof maintenance months after you call a contractor. Don’t choose a roofing contractor who only meets “decent” standards. Instead, look for a roofing company that demands the best in quality. 

Choose a roofing company that takes pride in their craftsmanship. Determine if they train their employees to ensure their team follows a process.

Ask questions about their process. The company shouldn’t apply new shingles to your existing roof. Otherwise, the additional weight could lead to a roof collapse in the future.

Look for companies that meet high standards and remain transparent about their processes. If they refuse to answer your questions, keep searching.

4. Reputation

Ask three San Antonio roofing companies for references. Search online for customer reviews as well. You can find reviews on the company’s:

  • Website
  • Yelp listing
  • Better Business Bureau page
  • Google Business listing

Look for a company that already has a glowing reputation. These roofing companies will want to maintain their reputation. They’ll work hard to offer a higher standard of service to new customers.

Look for comments about the company’s responsiveness. If homeowners struggled to contact the company, you likely will, too.

Reading reviews can help you find companies worthy of your trust. It can also help you identify red flags that indicate a less reliable company. 

5. Licenses and Insurance

Confirm that each company on your list is licensed and insured. 

Each state has its own licensing requirements. Make sure the contractor has the relevant licenses required by Texas law. Determine if they’re licensed to work on residential and commercial properties.

Make sure they have active general liability and workers’ compensation insurance policies. If there’s an incident, the company won’t hold you liable. 

6. Excellent Warranties

The best roofing contractor will offer a warranty for a considerable amount of time. If there are issues with your roof, the contractor should return to fix the problem.

These roofing contractors care about their work. A warranty is a sign of their professionalism, confidence, and standards. 

Confirm each company has a warranty and make a note of how long it lasts. 

7. On-Site Management

Make sure the roofing company intends to assign a project manager to your project. A project manager will remain on-site to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Having a project manager on-site can give you peace of mind. They’ll remain available to answer your questions while ensuring quality control. 

8. Great Staff

Learn more about each company’s team and culture. A poor work environment breeds unhappy employees that won’t do their best work. They could compromise the integrity of your roof.

Instead, look for a team that seems happy and engaged. 

9. Ideal Pricing

Ask more than one roofing company in San Antonio for a quote. Get each estimate in writing to avoid disputes later on.

The estimate should outline the cost of labor, materials, and other associated costs. Don’t hesitate to ask questions before they begin completing roof repairs.

Compare pricing between three local companies to determine the average price of roofing services in San Antonio. If one company’s pricing is higher than the rest, determine why. For example, perhaps they use premium materials.

Don’t choose the cheapest option available. Choose a team you can rely on to offer the best roofing services in San Antonio. 

Find a Residential Roofing Company Today

Don’t make the mistake of hiring an inexperienced, unreliable residential roofing company. Instead, use these tips to find a roofing contractor you can trust. Finding the best roofers in town will ensure a better outcome for your roof repair project.

With their help, you’ll feel confident a strong, safe roof is over your family’s head.

Are you looking for roofers in San Antonio? We’re here for you.

Contact us today to request a free estimate. 

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