Great Ways To Upgrade Your Residential Roof

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The right home improvement projects add both value and appeal to your property. While most homeowners realize the benefits of investing in new siding or a fresh coat of exterior paint, many fail to realize the importance of roofing upgrades. A functional roof will help to keep the inside of your home dry and can reduce energy consumption. 

In the past few years, homeowners around the United States have spent far more on improvement projects. If you want your roof to function better, then you need to consider investing in the upgrades covered below. 

Invest in Better Roof Ventilation

During the summer months, your attic in your San Antonio home can feel like a furnace if it is not well ventilated. The more heat you have in your attic, the higher the internal temperature of your home will become. This means that your HVAC unit will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor air temperature. If you feel like roof ventilation problems are causing your higher-than-normal energy bills, it is time to do something about it. 

One of the best ways to offer your attic more ventilation is by having ridge vents installed on your roof. These vents allow for air to move beneath the ridge cap, which can reduce the amount of heat that builds up in your attic. There are also gable and soffit vents that can be used for the same purpose. If you are unsure about the type of roof vents you need, then reaching out to a knowledgeable roofing contractor for help is a good idea. 

Energy Efficient Shingles Are a Great Roofing Upgrade

Shingles are one of the most popular residential roofing materials on the planet. For decades, San Antonio homeowners have relied on the power of asphalt shingles to keep their properties protected from water damage. Most homeowners are usually surprised to learn how many different shingle colors and textures are available on the modern market. If you want to improve energy-efficiency levels, then reflective shingles are something you need to invest in. 

The granulated surface of these singles helps to reflect the rays from the sun. Many studies have shown that reflective shingles can reduce cooling costs by up to 15 percent. Getting these new shingles installed will be much easier if you hire the team at WeatherTech Roofing to help out. 

Don’t Forget About Low-Maintenance Gutters

Keeping water off your roof is only possible with a functional gutter system. Older gutters usually feature welded seams that will rust over time. This can make maintaining these gutters exceptionally difficult, which is why upgrading your old gutters is a good idea. Modern gutters are seamless, which means issues involving rust and clogs are reduced. With the addition of a new gutter system, you can keep water off your roof and avoid damage to your home’s foundation. 

The money invested in the upgrades mentioned in this article is worth it. With these upgrades, you can keep your home protected and reduce energy waste. 


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