San Antonio Commercial Roofing Masterpiece – The Alamodome

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As I noted in my previous blog post, I’m always doing two things:

  1. Driving across San Antonio (we have roofing jobs all across the city)
  2. Thinking about roofing (what can I say, I’m a roofing company business owner!)

I failed to mention a third thing that I’m always thinking about (especially this time of the year): San Antonio Spurs basketball.

While driving to a roof repair job last week in north San Antonio, I thought of a genius blog post idea that I hope at least one or two of you will appreciate – looking at the Alamodome’s roof, something that combines both of my passions – roofing and Spurs basketball. Being the roofing fanatic, Spurs fan I am, I did all sorts of research about the Alamodome’s roof history and what type of engineering it required. 

Without further adieu, enjoy what I dug up about the Alamodome’s roof.


If you don’t know (turn in your San Antonio resident card if you don’t), the Alamodome is a massive arena on I-35, built in 1993. The arena hosts all sorts of events – conferences, monster truck shows, and UTSA Football, among many, many events. What it’s perhaps most known for though, is being the home of the San Antonio Spurs from 1993 through 2003.

Facts About the Alamodome Roof, a San Antonio roof legend

  • The Alamodome roof is 9 acres large (for context, a football field is 1.32 acres)! 
  • Four 314 foot masts sit at each corner, holding up the roof’s 3,000 ton weight, through sets of steel cables
  • The roof type is a TPO fully adhered single ply system, with insulation on flat areas of the roof (we’ve done plenty of TPO roof installs across San Antonio through the years)
  • Surrounding the flat part of the roof is a sloping standing seam metal roof
  • The roof’s side bearings allow for the roof to expand or contract, depending on the weather
  • As part of renovations in 2017 to prepare for the NCAA Final Four in San Antonio,  hot fluid-applied waterproofing was applied to the roof
  • As part of further renovation discussions, there’s been talks of raising the roof to add another layer of luxury suites

Put simply, the Alamodome is a San Antonio commercial roofing wonder.


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