A San Antonio Roofing Analysis – Tower Life Building

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Tower Life Building

The next San Antonio roofing icon to study on my list of famous San Antonio roof icons – is the roof of the Tower Life building in downtown San Antonio. The Tower Life Building is the building that has the U.S. flag perched on top of its’ lantern roof.

Here’s what I learned about the Tower Life Building roof:

  • Constructed in 1929, the lantern style roof was originally made of green clay tile
  • When the Tower Life building was restored, new copper metal panels were installed on the lantern
  • The expansion of the roof was done on ground level, in a metal shop, dismantled, and then reassembled at the top of the building
  • Scaffolding around the roof allowed roofers to safely reassemble the roof on top of the building

The Tower Life Building is truly a San Antonio architectural landmark and has always stood out to me as a unique building that adds a lot of character to our skyline. I’m grateful to now know so much about its’ roof!

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