San Antonio, Texas – A Hotspot For Hailstorms? – Thoughts from a San Antonio Roofing Company Owner

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Hail storms seem to be a frequent occurrence here in San Antonio. One minute the sky is crystal clear, the next minute all hail broke loose and the ground is being pelted with golf-sized balls of ice. In 2016, San Antonio experienced a record-breaking hail storm that caused 1.36 billion dollars in damages. San Antonio has experienced two hail storms in 2019 so far, one in April and another in June that caused serious damage. 

Pictures and Videos of San Antonio Hailstorms

Once a Hail Storm Happens, What’s Next? 

The initial reaction will be to check if loved ones are ok and if your cars are intact. Homeowners will typically observe the bottom of their residence for damage, but won’t always consider the state of the roof. 

Most homeowners are usually not aware of hail damage on their roofs because there is an assumption that it is sturdy enough to sustain the damage, or that since there is a barrier needed to survey the damage that there isn’t a pressure to see if there is damage. Once a hail storm hits, we recommend that you immediately survey the damage. Take as many photos as you can of the damage, the more the better. 

Free Hail Damage Estimates 

At WeatherTech Roofing we pride ourselves in offering a free estimate for your potential repairs, and offer financing options through GreenSky to help you pay for roofing needs. It’s our privilege to service your roofing needs – give us a call or shoot us a text at (210) 879-7791, or fill out our form – and we’ll promptly be in touch.  


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