Trees and Roof Damage

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When it comes to your roof, there are some things that are just out of your control.

You’re not likely to be able to control the damage that an unanticipated hailstorm does to your roof. That’s just one example. It’s distressing to come out and see the pitting and marks that hail creates on a roof. But it’s fixable!

Again, you may not be able to prevent hail. However, one type of damage that you can seek to control is damage from nearby vegetation – namely, trees.

Too many properties have large old-growth trees growing right next to a building and jeopardizing the integrity of that structure because of their growth.

Planning is important here. When the tree is young, it looks appropriate – it stands next to a house or business property and provides an attractive accent. But then it keeps growing over the years, until it towers over everything around it.And that happens slowly! That gives any number of property owners cart blanche to avoid it over time, until it’s too late.

The nature of tree work is that time leads to dangerous proximity for trees and buildings.

Items Dropping From Trees

Another issue here is trees that drop heavy items like walnuts or some types of fruit.

Aside from the fear that a branch could break off and fall on the building, the attack of hard items like walnuts can create ongoing roof damage.

Damage to Infrastructure

Damage from above is not the only thing that property owners have to look out for, either.

Over time, tree roots can do tremendous damage, to water and sewer lines, to electrical wires, or really, to anything installed under the ground. The roots can also push against concrete walkways, patios or other outdoor installations, creating compounded damage over multiple seasons.

A Trusted, Reliable San Antonio Roofing Company

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