Can You Safely Install New Shingles Over Old Ones?

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Are you wondering if you can install new shingles over the old ones on your San Antonio roof? If so, the short answer is yes; however, this probably isn’t something you want to do.

One of the best ways to know if you should move forward and so this is to speak to professional roofers in San Antonio. You can also learn more about this and the pros and cons it presents here.

Reasons to Install New Shingles Over the Old Ones

Most homeowners will ask a roofer about roof-over when it is time for roof replacement. The biggest benefits offered by a roof-over (which occurs when the second layer of shingles is installed over the existing ones) are cost and time.

Roofing over your existing shingles will likely help you save money on a new roof. However, the truth is you are really only delaying costs instead of actually saving money. When it is once again time to replace your roof, you must pay even more to have both the layers removed.

The other benefit is that this is a convenience for the roofing company. The job isn’t going to take as much time because the San Antonio roofers don’t have to worry about removing the shingles. Since there’s no tear-off, the clean-up is much faster, too.

Reasons Not to Install New Shingles Over the Old Ones

It’s worth mentioning that the benefits of re-roofing your home over your decking are more than the cons. However, there are some myths that exist about this process. For example, some believe if there’s a second layer of shingles, it means there is more protection and that the roof is even more waterproof. The fact is, water is going to find its way through roof-overs, and if this happens, you will likely have even more issues to deal with.

There’s also the misconception that more shingles mean the roof is going to last longer because it will reflect heat. However, having two layers of shingles present will trap more heat, which reduces the life span of the roof and increases costs.

Reasons to Start from Scratch with a New Layer of Shingles for Your San Antonio Roof

There are a few reasons to remove the existing layer of shingles and add a new layer when replacing your roof. These include:

  • Find issues with the decking
  • Ensure the roof warranty is protected
  • Avoid additional weight on the roof
  • Replace the underlayment if needed
  • Ensure you meet all building codes
  • Better installation due to a flat surface

Hire a Roofing Company to Ensure the Right Option Is Chosen

When it comes to your home, there are many factors you must consider. If it is time for a new roof, it’s a good idea to work with a professional roofing company to ensure the right replacement option is used. This is going to pay off and ensure your home is protected and there are no serious issues with your roof.

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