Pros and Cons of a Flat Roof for Your San Antonio Home – A San Antonio Roofing Assessment

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Pros and Cons of a Flat Roof for Your San Antonio Home – A San Antonio Roofing Assessment 

As I detailed in Part I of my series on top San Antonio roofing trends, flat roofs are “in.” The appeal of flat roofs are obvious – they straight up look cool, giving off a hip, minimalist look. But is a flat roof right for you and your San Antonio home? Below I breakdown the Pros and Cons of a flat roofing system to give you a better understanding of what flat roofs are all about.


  • Space: Flat roofs provide more space. While pitched roofs create space-eliminating angles, a flat roof provides an angle-less interior. In addition, flat roofs allow for space on the actual roof itself to serve as an added living room almost – can somebody say rooftop, San Antonio Spurs watch party, anyone?
  • Price: Due to a flat roof’s simplicity (no complicated pitching set-up), the less labor required to build it, and the speed it takes to get stood up, the cost of a flat roof is less expensive than a pitched roof
  • Accessibility: Straight up, flat roofs are easier to access than sloped roofs, meaning activities like self-repairs and gutter clean-ups are much easier to perform


  • Maintenance: Due to there being no easy way for water to filter away, rain water often sits on top flat roofs for a longer period of time, causing damage over time
  • Insurance: Due to their lack of a natural filtration system when it rains, they’re more prone to cause leakage – thus insurance companies giver higher rates for flat roofs
  • Heat Absorption: Since 100% of your flat roof is exposed to the sun (unlike sloped roofs), your home can heat up quickly and make things quite uncomfortable inside. Not exactly what you would want to deal with in a San Antonio summer

Whether you desire a sloped roof or flat roof for your San Antonio home, we can do it all! Just give us a call, fill out our form, or shoot us a text and we’ll make your dream a reality.

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