Trends in San Antonio Roofing: Part I

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San Antonio Roofing Trends: Part I

As a local San Antonio roofing business, I am constantly driving across town to different parts of the city, working on roofs across town.

During the travels across town, I’ve noticed a few trends in roofs around San Antonio. Here’s the top things I’m noticing:

1)      Metal Roofs

No longer just for industrial buildings or barns, metal roofs are in. What people like about metal roofs is the degree of customization metal roofs allow for as they come in a variety of styles and colors.

In addition, metal roofs have a longer lifespan than more traditional asphalt roofs. The typical metal roof will last you about 50 years, with little maintenance. In addition, metal does a great job at reflecting the sun’s UV rays. If you’ve lived in San Antonio for any course of time over the summer, you know what a nice feature that must be.

2)      Cool Roofing

Just like how San Antonio residents are beginning to like metal roofing more and more for the heat relief it provides, more San Antonians are taking a closer look at Cool Roofing. Cool Roofing comes in two forms – reflective paint and light tiles. What they do is pretty cool – when wavelengths of the sun strike a home, the roof is able to reflect those rays, thus reducing heat transfer.

Cool Roofing ultimately results in a more comfortable living environment, reduced energy use, and reduced air pollution. It’s no wonder why San Antonio gravitates toward Cool Roofing.

3)      Flat Roofs

I’m starting to see more and more San Antonio homebuilders opt to go with flat roofs. From what I’m hearing – more and more young people like their houses to have a minimalist, modern look – flat roofs, with their simplicity, bring just that. Flat roofs also allow for folks to plant vegetation on their roof, almost treating it like a garden. This is a trend in of itself, called Green Roofing.

These are three roofing trends I’m noticing, among many, across San Antonio. In future post, I’ll analyze what other trends I’m seeing.

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