Types of Roof Flashing on San Antonio Roofing Structures

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Types of Roof Flashing on San Antonio Roofing Structures

If you’ve ever done any research on how to fix a roof leak yourself, you’re likely to have run into this peculiar term a few times – roof flashing.

Roof Flashing is defined as thin pieces of material installed on roofs to prevent water from leaking into a home, as part of a comprehensive weather resistant barrier system. 

Did you know there’s a few types of Roof Flashing out there? In the next post of our San Antonio roofing blog series, we look into the different types of roof flashing out there and what type of flashing makes most sense for your home.

1) Valley Flashing

Valley Flashing is when two parts of a roof come together and form at an angled dip.

It forms a V shape, aligning all the way down from the point where both roof parts mean.

2) Drip Edge Flashing

As a San Antonio roofing company owner with jobs across town, I can attest that Drip Edge Flashing is the most important type of flashing for a San Antonio home to have.

So what is it? It’s basically a barrier that blocks water from a full gutter from pushing into the underpart of your roof shingles. Time after time again, I see that San Antonio roofs lack this type of flashing, and in turn, is the top culprit of roof leaks across the city.

3) Vent Pipe Flashing

Most San Antonio roofing systems have a variety of pipes that protrude out for ventilation purposes. Vent Pipe Flashing is meant to protect these pipes by fitting over tightly to provide max protection from the elements.

4) Step Flashing

This type of flashing is used to block water at the roof-to-wall intersection when roofs intersect vertical structures, like chimneys or sky lights.It’s name comes from how the flashing forms a “staircase” like structure, with different pieces of flashing that overlap each other as they ascend along the roof-to-wall intersection alongside whatever the vertical structure may be.

If your roof needs flashing, let us know! As San Antonio’s top roofing company, we’d be happy to come out, provide a free estimation, and install flashing on your roof.

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