San Antonio Roofing Trends: Part II

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Trends in San Antonio Roofing: Part II

In my previous blog post, I broke down three roofing trends I’m seeing across San Antonio. As a refresher, the trends I went over were #1, the prevalence of were more and more metal roofs, #2, the more widespread use of cool roofing, and #3, the emergence of more flat roofs.

Today I’m going to detail two more San Antonio roofing trends I’m seeing across town: Color Roofing and Synthetic Roofing.

1) Color Roofing

More and more, I’m seeing San Antonio homeowners desiring more dynamic and unique roof colors – breaking away from the traditional look. In turn, roofing material manufacturers are pumping out shingles in a wide variety of colors, including green, blue, beige, and taupe.

In addition to its aesthetic advantages, light-colored roofs keep homes cool. This comes in handy when dealing with San Antonio’s relentless heat during the summer.

2) Synthetic Roofing 

Just like Color Roofing, the demand for Synthetic Roofing across San Antonio is driven by aesthetics.

What exactly is Synthetic Roofing? Synthetic roofs are made up of a synthetic polymer material made from plastic and rubber. People like it because it has a wood-like texture and the natural color of wooden slates and shakes.

While they’re a little more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles, they can last up to two to three times longer.


I personally love seeing all different types of roofs across San Antonio! I think it’s great that more and more people are paying more attention to their roofs – even if aesthetics is the main driving factor.

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