San Antonio Commercial Roofing – Everything to Know About TPO Roofing

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Everything to Know About TPO Roofing on Commercial Roof

TPO roofing – short form for Thermoplastic polyolefin –  is a single layer roofing sheet that performs extremely well at a cost-effective price and is a super popular commercial roofing material.

It’s basically a fortified synthetic membrane produced in sheets unrolled in sections – and heat sealed – serving as a waterproof barrier.

TPO’s become quite popular and has risen among the ranks of commercial roofing materials due to its affordability, energy efficiency, and quick installation.

Although it can be installed quickly, installation speed can be deceiving as there’s many things a professional roofer has to do to avert mistakes in the installation process. At WeatherTech San Antonio commercial roofing, we’ve performed tons of TPO roofing jobs over the years and want to share what we’ve learned from working with this unique material:

Benefits of a TPO Roofing System

The increase in popularity of the TPO roofing system across the San Antonio commercial roofing world can be attributed to a few things, including:

  • Its excellent seam strength (heat-welding provides great seam strength to taped and untapped seams)
  • Great value – excellent performance at a low price
  • Energy-saving – comes with a high emissive and reflective surface that helps to reduce energy costs and creates a urban island heat effect
  • Long term weathering- great long-term UV and heat resistance
  • Naturally flexible – no need for plasticizers
  • Fungal resistant – no need for biocides during application

Tips For Installing a TPO Roofing System

  • Study the Manufacturer’s Manual

While we at WeatherTech San Antonio commercial roofing already know what is involved with the TPO installation process, you should review the manufacturer’s manual before beginning the installation process yourself. Even for roofing companies, it’s always good to re-read manufacturer’s instructions as the manual contains vital information about optimal installation practices.

  • Observe the Weather

While you can install mechanically attached systems at low temperatures, all the gluing of perimeter walls and details have to be done at over 40 degrees. In addition, TPO materials have to be carefully stored so that they can remain dry.

  • Prepare the Surface

Before you begin the installation process, you have to prepare the working surface. All debris and dirt should be removed, so that no object will interfere with the gluing of the roofing material. Any cracks or holes on the surface should also be dealt with so that the surface is blemish free.

  • Test for Vulnerabilities Before You Begin

You’ll need to carry out tests on the roof after the installation process to ensure it was installed correctly. Testing should be carried out across every weak point of the roofing system (especially around the seams where different parts of the TPO roof have been welded together).

Another weak point is the T-joints (where three sections of the roofing sheet overlap) – this should be given special attention.

Finally, the scorched parts of the roofing sheet have to be fixed to prevent leakage and punctures.

At WeatherTech San Antonio commercial roofing, we’ll take care of all of these tests for you.


To ensure your San Antonio commercial roofing TPO system is installed correctly, you’ll need to engage the service of a roofing company like WeatherTech San Antonio commercial roofing. We specialize in all types of commercial roof installations, including installation of tons of single-ply roofs over the years. Our professional roofing team takes care of your commercial roof’s surface and understands the installation process requirements. If you’re looking for a San Antonio commercial roofing solution, and you feel that TPO is the right answer, then contact WeatherTech San Antonio commercial roofing today.

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