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Wind can be absolutely brutal on San Antonio roofs – especially during storms. 

Following a storm, we encourage all homeowners to do a quick inspection of their roof by firstly looking for shingles on the ground or seeing if there’s any missing shingles on your roof (if you notice shingles on the ground or see missing shingles from your roof, this is a tell tale sign that wind has teared off your shingles entirely).

Secondly, you can also hop on your roof to further inspect things on your San Antonio roofing system, If you see horizontal creases, it means the shingles have been unsealed and will eventually lead to your shingles flapping in the wind – as you can expect – this is not good at all.

So what do you do when you think wind has damaged your roof? The first thing is to call a roofing company to take a look at your roof. The roofing company will investigate your roof, take photos, write what they see, and provide you with a cost estimate for repairing the damage.

Concurrently, you should investigate to see what your insurance covers and call your insurance company to send out an inspector and tell you what they’re willing to pay. Compare and contrast the roofing adjuster’s notes and your roofing company’s to see if everything makes sense. If things look off – get additional estimates.

When it comes to projects like these you want to feel comfortable, so we encourage you to talk through any questions you have with roofing companies inspecting your roof and your insurance company – ultimately it’s your home and you deserve honest answers!

At WeatherTech Roofing San Antonio, we pride ourselves in being a company of high integrity and honesty – how you feel is our chief concern and we’ll do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible!

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