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What does the inspection process of hail damage look like for insurers?

San Antonio homes were absolutely hammered by hail damage this summer – with hail inflicting substantial damage on their roofs. If you see hail bruise marks on your roof, we recommend that you reach out to your insurance company to get it inspected and to receive an estimate for how it will cost to repair or replace your San Antonio roof.

So how exactly do insurance companies inspect your San Antonio roof?

To start, adjusters mark out a test square on your roof. This is a 100 square foot area that the inspector will focus on to get an idea of the damage throughout the entire roofing surface. 

Once the test square is marked, the adjuster will identify and tag the different hail hits. Since hail hits random patterns, the test area should exhibit random and different sized bruises (if excessive damage is found in one part of the test square, more so than others, the inspector needs to examine that portion further to ensure that damage is consistent with hail damage criteria).

Next the inspector will count the hail hits – ensuring all meet industry standards for hail damage. They’ll mark the elevation calling up the direction to which the slope faces and notate the lowest number of substantial hits found within that test score.

Insurance companies range in their number of hail bruises per square required for deciding if a roof needs to be replaced (instead of repaired) – most look for between 6 to 12 hail bruises per square to make the decision that a roof replacement is needed (usually this means that the payment required to repair the damaged shingles is greater than the overall cost to tear off and replace all of your home’s shingles).

In our next blog, we’re going to assess what exactly hail damage does to your San Antonio roof and why it’s so important that you address it.

Worried you may have some hail damage? Give us a call and we’ll come out to inspect and provide an estimate for your roof for free. We pride ourselves in being a San Antonio roofing company that folks across the city can rely on to provide an honest assessment of your roof that’s in your best interest.

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