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Looking at Different Types of Roof Hail Damage? – A San Antonio Roofing Blog 

Hail damage on a roof is a real pain! Unfortunately, many San Antonio homeowners across the city are dealing with this issue as San Antonio roofing systems were pummeled by hail this summer.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to explore different types of hail damage and what their impacts can be on your San Antonio home. Read our previous San Antonio roofing blog post to learn how roof inspectors evaluate your roof. 

Granule Loss

Granules are the sandpaper-like quality of your shingle. It’s purpose is to protect your asphalt shingles’ coating. When hail strikes and damages your shingles’ granules, it leads to asphalt coating exposure to the elements and accelerated aging – not a good combo.

Shingle Cracks

This is self-explanatory. Cracks ultimately leads to tears, which leads to exposure, ultimately leading to roofing leaks.

Exposed Fiberglass Mat

When shingles are pulled away because of hail damage, your roof’s fiberglass mat is exposed. This is not good as your fiberglass mat is what provides durability to your shingles. 

Self-Seal Strip Weakening

Storms can weaken the seal integrity of shingles, leading to shingles to be blown away from heavy winds – ultimately leaving your roof exposed.

As you can see, the impacts of a hail storm can be devastating. Look at your roof – do you see black colored dots or bruises on your roof? Tears at the end of shingles, little marks or dents, or shingle splits? It may mean your roof’s integrity may be damaged.

We’re proud to be to known as the most trustworthy San Antonio roofing company in the city and would be happy to help and see if your roof needs help! Give us a call and we’ll come out to provide your beautiful San Antonio home with a free inspection and estimate.

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