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Fall is now upon us, the weather has cooled off, and in a matter of weeks, temperatures will continue to drop as winter approaches. Below are WeatherTech’s five tips for protecting your roof and helping reduce future problems that may occur as a result of improper care as seasons change.

  1. Inspect Your Roof

Reacting to unforeseen situations may be more costly in the long-run than you think. This is why before the colder weather kicks in, you should consider having your roof thoroughly inspected. An inspection will point out leaks, loose shingles, cracks and holes in a roof. Inspecting your roof now will allow you to become aware of any faults in your roof, as once the cold weather sweeps in and roofs freeze, it’ll be almost impossible to detect any of these issues.

  1. Attic Inspection 

The exterior of your roof is important, but the interior is just as important. That’s why it would be ideal to have an inspector examine your attic concurrently with your exterior roof inspection. If contracting a thorough check sounds like a lot of work, a quick look by even you (the owner) can identify if there are water stains, leaks and roof damaging rodents. Taking care of these issues with the current weather is optimal, especially before the temperatures drop and colder weather does not permit!

  1. Trim Close Trees Around Your Roof

Trees outside your home may provide a nice aesthetic, but during the wintertime when heavy winds begin to blow, they are capable of becoming a hazard to your roof. All it takes is some strong winds from an unexpected storm to a cause a tree or low hanging branch to damage part of your roof and result in some unexpected repairs. For this reason, we recommend trimming any branches in close proximity to your home and significant enough to harm your roof.

  1. Clean Your Gutters

Autumn is the season leaves begin to fall and at the same time accumulate in gutters all around San Antonio. At first glance, those leaves on the roof don’t seem to cause trouble, but once Texas’ unpredictable weather summons random rainfall, leaves can clutter the gutter. As a result, this can cause unwanted extra stress on your roof and in severe cases begin to breed mold which can slowly spread to other parts of your home. A solution we recommend is to clean out your gutter in order to avoid unnecessary stress on your roof and prevent water from being gathered underneath your shingles.

  1. Stay Off Your Roof

The holiday season is approaching and the temptation to climb on the roof to put up holiday lights is very real. Our advice; continue with caution. Be wary of how often and how long you are on the roof, as excessive climbing, walking, and friction could cause unnecessary damage to your roof, especially if it is an old San Antonio roof!

If you have concerns and need a professional roof inspection or repair, give us a call and we’d be delighted to help protect your home and loved ones.

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