San Antonio Roofing Advice – 7 Danger Signals to Look Out For When Inspecting Your Roof

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Unforeseen expenses can take a toll on you, especially when they pertain to your home. Listed below, are 7 seven danger signals to consider when maintaining a safe roof and a safe home. Use these danger signals to determine if your home is in need of major roofing repairs or find out if your roof might not need major repair work after all.

1. Leaks In The Attic

Anytime your home experiences a severe storm or heavy rainfall, it is smart to check the attic for any damaged spots or signs of leaks. If you discover a leak in your roof, chances are it is due to damaged shingles, inadequate underlayment or worn down flashing.

2. Blistering/Peeling Interior or Exterior Paint

Poor ventilation can cause moisture to be confined in your home. As a result, this may cause exterior paint to peel and blister on your roof.

Stains on Interior Ceilings and Walls

3. Stains on Interior Ceilings and Walls

Signs of staining on your ceiling can be caused by outside leaks or trapped house moisture. If proper measures aren’t taken, this can eventually grow into mold or mildew.

4. Sheathing from Exterior Decay

Any signs of decay can mean there is an excessive amount of moisture in your home. Making sure your ventilation is up to par, will help in keeping your roof’s health in the long-term. Keeping your house cool is a small detail that can have a lasting impact on other areas of your home.

5. Missing, Cracked or Curled Shingles

Consistent dry, cracked, or broken shingles could mean its time to invest in a new roof. Carefully assess, if this is happening in several areas of your roof. If that is the case, that means it really is time for a new roof. Look at it on the bright side, your old roof took on the heavy punches when your home needed it the most, it kept you safe, and it it probably does not look to good. Its okay! Time for a new roof upgrade. If you would like to explore your roofing options, please contact us at 210-879-7791.

6. Dark, Dirty Areas On Your Roof

In the event that you notice any of your shingles darkening in color, it could mean vegetation, fungus, mold or algae are growing. While these signs don’t always require replacing your whole roof, it is recommended to consider replacing the affected shingles with StainGuard® protection. A patent-pending algae resistant technology that releases algae-fighting copper in a more efficient way, over its lifetime.

7. High Energy Costs

Be wary if you start to notice a spike in your electricity bill, this can be an indicator your ventilation is no longer properly working. If that’s the case, hot air can easily be trapped in your attic, ultimately causing moisture to drip into the insulation, reducing its effectiveness.

Our advice

Thoroughly inspect your roof, and if any of these indicators present themselves, have a professional come by and assess your roof to determine the severity. If you would like more information on a particular key danger signal, please reach out to us and we would be more than glad to walk you through it. You can also fill out an inquiry form which can assist our evaluation process, as well as allow us to give you a more accurate solution.

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