St Joseph’s Church – A San Antonio Roofing Analysis

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Saint Joseph’s Church

The next San Antonio roofing icon I want to study is that of Saint Joseph Catholic Church, located in downtown San Antonio.

A little bit of history about this beautiful San Antonio roofing jewel:

  • The church was built in 1876 in a Gothic Revival style
  •  After first opening, it served as a central community hub for German immigrants
  • Its steeple was added in 1898 and stained glass windows were imported from Germany and installed in 1902
  • In 1944, a department store desired to buy the land that the church stood on. They understandably refused, so the department store built built around the three sides of the church. The department center now is the Shops at Rivercenter Mall
  •  When the church required a new roof in the 2010s, they opted for a new copper standing seam metal roof
  • Due to the mall surrounding three sides of the church, it look considerable planning on what it would take to remove the existing roof and install a new one
  •  Ultimately all of the debris from the old roof, and the new roofs, were taken off and installed, using a crane

What a crazy roof replacement project that must have been! I’m glad to have learned about this project and certainly need to give Saint Joseph’s a visit to check out how the new roof is looking! Kudos to this San Antonio roofing icon. 

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